Retrieve the Settings Page

In order to accomplish any online administrative tasks, you must:

  • Login with an account that has administrator privileges
  • Navigate to the “Settings” page, from which you can eventually get to the administrative page of interest.


In addition to the online administrator interface, there are also administative capabilities available through the command line. These are documented in Management Commands. Log in as admin

To login as an administrator, go to the internal (Django) login page at:


Use the credentials you specified in the MAKAHIKI_ADMIN_INFO environment variable.

Upon successful login, you will be taken to the home page:


Note that admin accounts have two additional pages displayed in the Nav Bar: “Status” and “Settings”. “Status” provides real time analytics for use in managing a running competition, as detailed in Challenge Management. Click on Settings page icon

Click on the Settings icon in the Nav Bar to go to the Settings page:


This page presents a set of buttons providing access to different administrative areas depending upon the type of task to be accomplished. These correspond roughly to the Makahiki “life-cycle phases” described in Site Administration Guide.

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