The Help Package Hierarchy Module apps.widgets.help

A set of widgets for storage, retrieval, and display of help topics. Module apps.widgets.help.models

The model for help topics.

apps.widgets.help.models.HELP_CATEGORIES = (('faq', 'Frequently Asked Questions'), ('rules', 'Rules of the competition'), ('widget', 'Widget Help'))

Defines the available help categories.

class apps.widgets.help.models.HelpTopic(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Represents a help topic in the system.

  • id (AutoField) – Id
  • title (CharField) – The title of the topic.
  • slug (SlugField) – Automatically generated if left blank.
  • category (CharField) – One of the HELP_CATEGORIES.
  • priority (IntegerField) – sorting order within the category. lower priority first
  • contents (TextField) – The content of the help topic. Uses Markdown formatting.
  • parent_topic_id (ForeignKey) – Optional parent topic of this topic.
get_absolute_url(*moreargs, **morekwargs)[source]

Returns the absolute url for a help page. Module apps.widgets.help.views

Provides the view of a help topic.

apps.widgets.help.views.supply(request, page_name)[source]

supply view_objects for widget rendering.

apps.widgets.help.views.topic(request, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Shows a help topic. This method handles both a regular request and an AJAX request for dialog boxes. Module apps.widgets.help.faq

Implements the widget providing the FAQ for this challenge. Module apps.widgets.help.faq.views

Provides the view for the Help FAQ widget

apps.widgets.help.faq.views.supply(request, page_name)[source]

supply view_objects for widget rendering, namely the faq objects. Module apps.widgets.help.intro

Implements the widget providing an introduction to the challenge. Module apps.widgets.help.intro.views Module apps.widgets.help.rule

Implements the help widget for challenge rules. Module apps.widgets.help.rule.views

The view for the widget to display the rules of the challenge.

apps.widgets.help.rule.views.supply(request, page_name)[source]

supply view_objects for widget rendering.