Package apps.managers.log_mgr

Provides logging services to track the actions of players (logged in users). Module apps.managers.log_mgr.middleware

A middleware class to support logging of interactions with logged in users.

class apps.managers.log_mgr.middleware.LoggingMiddleware[source]

Provides logging of logged in user interactions.

process_response(request, response)[source]

Log the actions of logged in users.

apps.managers.log_mgr.middleware.log_request_exception(sender, **kwargs)[source]

log the exception with traceback. Module apps.managers.log_mgr.urls

Specify the URL pattern to be associated with logging. Module apps.managers.log_mgr.views

Support logging of AJAX-based interactions.

apps.managers.log_mgr.views.log_ajax(request, obj_type, obj, action)[source]

Simple AJAX view provided to support logging actions.

Note that since the logger intercepts requests and responses, this method just returns a success response.