Package apps.widgets.smartgrid

Smartgrid widget module.

apps.widgets.smartgrid.MAX_COMMITMENTS = 5

Maximum number of commitments user can have at one time.

apps.widgets.smartgrid.NOSHOW_PENALTY_DAYS = 2

Number of days after event sign up which will incur no show penalty.

apps.widgets.smartgrid.NUM_GOLOW_ACTIONS = 3

Number of go low actions to display.

apps.widgets.smartgrid.SETUP_WIZARD_ACTIVITY = 'intro-video'

Slug of the activity used in the setup wizard. Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.models Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.views Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.forms Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.admin Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.management.commands.process_notices Module apps.widgets.smartgrid.management.commands.send_reminders