Package apps.managers.team_mgr

The manager to support definition and management of teams.

Teams can be aggregated into ‘groups’. This allows, for example, a group of teams representing individual floors to be aggregated into a group (their residence hall). Module apps.managers.team_mgr.models

Defines the model for teams.

class apps.managers.team_mgr.models.Group(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Defines the group that a team belongs to.

  • id (AutoField) – Id
  • name (CharField) – The name of the group.
team_points_leaders(num_results=None, round_name=None)[source]

Returns the top points leaders for the given group.

class apps.managers.team_mgr.models.Post(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Represents a wall post on a user’s wall.

  • id (AutoField) – Id
  • user_id (ForeignKey) – The user who submit the post.
  • team_id (ForeignKey) – The team of the submitter.
  • text (TextField) – The content of the post.
  • style_class (CharField) – The CSS class to apply to this post.
  • created_at (DateTimeField) – The create timestamp

Formats the created date into a pretty string.

class apps.managers.team_mgr.models.Team(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Represents the team that a player belongs to.

  • id (AutoField) – Id
  • group_id (ForeignKey) – The group this team belongs to.
  • name (CharField) – The team name
  • size (IntegerField) – The size of the team. It is the total number of residents in the team. Non-zero value will be used to normalize the team total score and participation rate.
  • logo (ImageField) – The logo of the team.

Returns the number of points for the current round.


Gets the ranking of this team during the current round.


Returns the total number of points for the team. Optional parameter for a round.

points_leaders(num_results=None, round_name=None)[source]

Gets the individual points leaders for the team.


Returns the rank of the team across all groups.

save(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Custom save method. Module apps.managers.team_mgr.admin

Administrator interface to teams.

class apps.managers.team_mgr.admin.GroupAdmin(model, admin_site)[source]

Group Admin

class apps.managers.team_mgr.admin.PostAdmin(model, admin_site)[source]

Post administrator for teams, overrides delete_selected

delete_selected(request, queryset)[source]

delete selected override

class apps.managers.team_mgr.admin.TeamAdmin(model, admin_site)[source]

Team Admin