2. Site Administration GuideΒΆ

This guide is divided into sections that follow the phases of the “life cycle” of a Makahiki serious game project:

1. Software Installation. During this phase, you download and install the Makahiki software and related systems.

2. Site Configuration. During this phase, you configure your Makahiki installation to the specifics of your IT infrastructure (authentication, email, etc.)

3. Challenge Design. During this phase, you tailor Makahiki to the specifics of your challenge, specifying the players, the start and end times, the rounds, the games, the Smart Grid Game activities, excursions, and commitments, the prizes, the default theme, and so forth.

4. Challenge Management. During this phase, the challenge is running and players are actively using your system. Management activities include monitoring game play, verifying Smart Grid Game activity submissions, and so forth.

5. Challenge Postmortem. After the challenge is over, this phase focuses on analysis of the data collected with the goal of better understanding what happened and how to improve your challenge design in the future.

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