Design the Top Score Game About the Top Score Game

The Top Score Game enables you to design a challenge in which prizes are awarded to individuals and teams who earn the most points during the challenge (and/or each round in a challenge). It also enables you to award prizes to the teams that conserved the most energy (or some other resource such as water) during the challenge (and/or each round in the challenge).

If the Top Score Game is enabled, then you can enable both a Leaderboard widget that shows the top players/team in contention for each round, and a Prizes widget that shows the prizes for for each round and the current team/individual in line to win them.


Topscore game scoreboard


Topscore game prize Specify a Top Score Prize

After clicking on the “Prizes” link in the Top Score Game window, a page similar to the following should appear:


This page displays the current Top Score Game prize information for each round.

To add a new prize, click the “Add prize” button in the upper right corner. Change the Top Score Prize

Clicking on a prize instance brings up a page with information about the prize:



Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the page when finished to save your changes.